Our Approach to the Foster & Adoption Platform


It is my hope and dream that our organization can assist you in understanding the process of fostering and/or adoption.  



My e'Book is available to download

Written from my many experiences as a foster and finally adopted parent.  My book takes you through the many wonderful experiences with children housed by caring families. 

The encouraging words and positive insight will be wonderful for you as you research the process you may be taking.


My E'Book "Somebody's Child" will inspire and educate you on this amazing opportunity of being a foster family. 

Your donation of $25.00 towards this e'Book purchase will further the growth of our meaningful projects for youth and their loved ones. 


Somebody's Child E'Book


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Perhaps there's been a moment in your life you've dreamed about adopting a child or becoming a foster parent and simply have held back. Remember that lyric, "A dream is a wish your heart makes," from Disney? I feel it is important to listen to your heart and, finally, here is some help!

More E'Book Details:

This book brings helpful direction and  helps to guide  others into understanding the steps of the Social Service and Adoption process.

As you know, there are many children and teens who desperately need your help, so please take the time and learn more.

Future parents:

~ This Ebook will aid you in your beginning steps to children and teens waiting for you. This book is an excellent tool for individuals who are going through the process of Adoption or Fost-Adopt or have considered this path. 

Adoption agencies and social service agencies: 

~ Adoption agencies and social service agencies can use this book as an excellent recruitment tool to inspire people to open their hearts and homes to young people they represent.


My Ebook includes a Resource List of agencies and emails of those who also help to answer your questions.  Barbara and the families she's been involved with between the years of 1980 to 2008 worked hard  to bring this collaboration of material to YOU. Yes, this is "current" material.

This book serves as a tool for families and professionals in child related fields. Daily issues are addressed and it helps children know the right thing to do. This book is an excellent vehicle for parents, professionals and individuals who are getting through the process of Adoption or Fost-Adopt to have for its helpful hints and tips from Barbara.

After your purchase we will send you the link to the download. Thanks for reading and visiting my site


Here is an article I wrote which may mention issues you have experienced also. 

 I hope you enjoy my stories.

" The Children I have Loved" (pdf)