Other than being Barbara Davis, I am “Little”, a child-like performer is a seriously fun adult forwarding messages of positive self worth, character building and enriching messages to help children improve their communication skills. 

As a comedian and storyteller for youth I’ve taken it upon myself to make a difference to speak out for children's issues by producing a  children's talk show entitled "The Little Live Show " and most recently a teen special  entitled " Teens Are Talking ".

I have a background in media, publishing and music recording. I've worked as an artist in residence in many schools throughout California teaching youth effective communication and self-esteem building tools thru the performing arts. I conduct acting workshops where these skills are taught.

I present tools for parents, professionals in child related fields and educators to improve communication skills with children. 

As a fost-adopt parent, I have housed children for 36 years with my husband. I know from a personal level the need for quality homes for children in the foster care system and I share my experiences and insight to benefit others. 

My awareness and commitment to these youngsters motivated me to create media recruitment projects for radio and television as well as to create performances that reach out to children and families in the general public.